The Alpha Tau Omega Executive Board

Fall 2017 - Fall 2018

Elected Executive Members


President: Henry Melzer

     Henry is Chemistry and Religious Studies double major from Charlottesville, Virginia. He works alongside chemistry professors as a teaching assistant for Organic Chemistry and in the laboratory doing research. This summer Henry will intern at Smithfield's Food and wants to one day become a patent attorney. Henry excels in both academics and in his extracurricular commitments, standing as the figurehead of the fraternity. 

Vice President: Atticus Bolyard

     Atticus is a Math and Economics double major from Harrisonburg, Virginia. After graduation, he would like to work as an Economist. As Vice President, he oversees the internal workings of the fraternity and heads the Judicial Board. Atticus is intelligent, kind, and fair to all. When he is not hard at work, he can be found doing research on campus. 


Chaplain: William Boyd 

     Will is a junior from Richmond, Virginia and is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Economics. On campus, he is a broadcaster for Tribe Athletics. Will  is pursuing a career as a sports broadcaster. This summer, Will is interning at the Daily Caller in sports reporting. As Chaplain, will is charged with promoting brotherhood within the fraternity and plans biannual retreats.

Treasurer: Josh Tecce

     Josh is a Finance major from Arlington, Virginia. He currently serves as an investigations and disputes intern at Navigant Consulting. After graduation, he plans to work in private banking. As treasurer, he is charged with creating and maintaining the chapter's budget as well as collecting dues. 


Secretary: Johnatan Nunez

     Johnatan is a Government major from Alexandria, Virginia. He is currently undecided in his career path but is applying to graduate school to further his education. During the summer, he enjoys working with kids at the Alexandria Soccer Association. Johnatan is tasked with keeping fraternity members up to date on current events and creating new bylaws for the chapter. 

Membership Educator: Kyle Parker

     Kyle is a member of the class of 2019 from Portsmouth, Virginia. He studies Biology and is actively involved in The College's Take Back the Tap initiative. As Membership Educator, Kyle is tasked with shaping the pledging members into outstanding men. Kyle educates members on the traditions and history of Alpha Tau Omega as well as the entire fraternity system. 


Health & Saftey Chair: Ethan Villavicencio

     Ethan is member of the class of 2020 from Fairfax, Virginia. He is a Biology major and Computer Science minor. Ethan would like to one day work in the healthcare field and is an active member of the Griffin School Partnership. As the Health &  Safety chair, he is charged with ensuring that the fraternity is up-to-date on safety protocol for all events. 

Recruitment Chair: Grayson Fusaro 

     Grayson is a Government major from Fredericksburg, Virginia. He is an avid sports fan, particularly for his D.C. favorites. As the Recruitment Chair, Grayson is charged with attracting potential new members to the fraternity and managing the fraternity's approach to the recruitment process, knowing full well that "rush never ends."


Historian: Tom O'Connor

     Tom is a member of the class of 2021 from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He is the newest member of the fraternity to hold an elected position on the executive board. He would like to major in Government and is interested in pursuing a career in civil rights law. As Historian, Tom is in charge of building alumni relations, the alumni newsletter, and compiling the Annual Report. This report is the fraternity's "year in review" and aids the chapter in winning the coveted True Merit Award given by the national fraternity.

Events Coordinator: Tyler Bernier

     Tyler is a Finance major from Wilbraham, Massachusetts. In the future, he would like to work in asset managing or investment banking. As Events Coordinator, Tyler is charged with overseeing all social aspects of the fraternity. When he's not planning or crunching numbers, he can be found working out with the Running Club. Tyler is assisted by Ryan Huck and Gregory Alan who serve as appointed social chairs. 

Appointed Members


Philanthropy CHair: Justin Kaley 

     Justin is a member of the class of 2021 from Hilton Head, South Carolina. He is a Government major and is from the is pursuing a career in the criminal justice system. As Philanthropy Chairman, Justin tasked with coordinating and running the fraternity's philanthropic events. 

Social Service Chair: Cary Pillow

     Cary is a Biology major from Goochland, Virginia. He currently works as a scribe at Riverside Doctors Hospital and is pursuing a career as a pediatrician. Cary coordinates service opportunities for the fraternity and drives us all to become further engaged in the community. 

Scholarship CHair: Patrick Maurizi

     Patrick is an Economics major from Fairfax, Virginia. He spends much of his time volunteering as a tutor at Hornsby Middle School. Patrick's role as Scholarship chair includes scheduling study hours for the pledges where they work alongside initatied brothers. 

Public Relations Chair: Gregory Alan

     Greg is a Neuroscience major from Winchester, Virginia. He is pursuing a career in medicine and plans to apply to medical school after graduation. Greg is tasked with keeping the fraternity's social media up to date and shaping the outward image of the chapter. 

Health and Wellness CHair: Andrew Dahik

     Andrew is a member of the class of 2019 and is a Chemistry major. As Health and Wellness Chair, Andrew works to educate the fraternity, and the Greek community as a whole, on issues of sexual misconduct. He also coordinates the fraternity's fitness hours to ensure that everyone is staying active as they strive for academic excellence. 

Intramural Sports Chair: Lukas Pearlman

     Luke is an Economics major from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He currently works as a consultant for Epic Computer Systems. As Intramural chair, Luke is charged with handling the funds that allow the fraternity to compete in various intramural sports. He coordinates sports with sororities and organizes the intramural schedule.